Hi, I’m Rob Jurewicz.
A Product Designer focused on building the tools people need to push ahead.


Current Work 

Product Design

CityBase Wallet

A simple, saved payment solution leverages CityBase’s Design System to remix previous work into a new solution for constituents to make their checkout experience faster. Using this path, we built it a quarter of the time a typical product launch takes, leading to further enhancements as it continues to scale.

Product Design

CityBase Citizen Profile

A white-labeled multi-use user profile that powers various use cases, from health insurance premium payments to paying property taxes. I’ve been crafting an experience to simplify painful government web experiences by building a centralized place for users to make multiple types of interactions with the government that would have typically been spread out across varying systems.

UX/Mobile App

Gaia Wearables

A research project leading to an app for parents and cartakers of childern with autism that keeps track of mood throughout the day and allows them to provide assistance even when not physically there.

Graphic Design Work

Editorial/UI Design – 2009-2015

And if Only One More...

My Roots

Growing up, I spent my days in the woods building bike trails and crafting jumps. The act of building for others always brought me great joy, but I always desired to use these skills to make a deeper impact. After spending more than a decade gaining skills in graphic design and art direction, my passion for making tools that improve daily life led me to piviot into a truly rewarding career as a Senior Product Designer at CityBase.

Today, I’m eager to grow further working in teams of like-minded individuals interested in improving themselves and the lives of the people they design for. 

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