Branding/Graphic Design

Nadel U 2016 Branding


Team Role:
Art Director

Each year, Jack Nadel International’s national sales meeting is given a theme for the company as a whole to get excited for. In 2016 after a brief battle, camping was the winner. 

Our team collaborated on a few logo designs, and then I took it into a piece that could be used in on a variety of products of all different shapes and sizes. We then lead vendors in making sure their pieces looked correct while they prepped giveaways for their seminars at the event.

The logo build process

A section of the progress before the final form of the logo. I took an iterative approach while working with multiple stakeholders going from from a diamond logo in the early rounds to the finished product.

Final logo and usage

The finished product was inspired by the National Park systems signage and old school patches. For high-res applications, a rough weathered version was created to give it more of that old-campground vibe. While a overly complex logo was requested, I broke out smaller pieces of it to be used on pens and other smaller products.

The spread of products given away at the event. Everything from hats, bags, mugs, clothing, USB drives, bandannas, etc. The logo needed to be very flexible for the number of use cases.

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