Personal reflection:

Designing for an audience with new types of needs during my last project at Designation threw up a ton of new exciting challenges my way. As designers, I feel we often get onto the happiest scenario of someone with a giant Retina Display that is tech-savvy, and it was a challenge and a reminder that there is still a broad swath of people that don’t have these skills. The simple act of being able to talk to these people and share their pain as they tried to set up a video call was invaluable. The empathy gained in those situations was crucial when prioritizing features in a way to not overwhelm them with the final product.

The Gaia project was my final full project at Designation, and it became the culmination of what I had learned from my previous projects as well as previous jobs. I’ve spent a spent a lot of time honing my skills at working with demanding clients in stressful situations, and on this project, I took this aspect of my previous career and was able to merge those skills with my UX skillet I’ve been building here at Designation.
I used my previous design background when the path seemed vague to point our team in a direction that allowed us to be flexible when client goals seemed to shift under our feet. The reason I came to Designation, and what I excitedly got to present, was “the why” when we had to veer away from client expectations to give a confident explanation about the decisions made. I’ve rarely been able to use hard data outside of printer restrictions in this way, and it was like a whole new world to be confident in decisions not just with intuition or previous experience, but from hard data.

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