UX/Mobile App

Gaia Wearables

3 Weeks

Team Role:
UX Designer
Three person team


Gaia is a company spun up by a team of students at the Rochester Institute of Technology. Headed by Brent Chase, whose younger brother was diagnosed with autism at a young age, they share a passion for coming up with creative digital and physical solutions to problems that families with children with autism have faced for years. After finishing their capstone project, they took this idea further by winning a series of grants, most recently invited to present their product at SXSW. They presented our team with a new emotion-moderating vest called PAL. It is a device that reads biometric data from the person wearing it, and if sensed from this data that they were about to reach a meltdown level, it would contract around them simulating the feeling of a hug.

The Gaia team had created a few mock-ups of a mobile app to give a visual interface to users to read the data reported from the vest, but they came to us to use research and design thinking methods to look into what their users would need and want from this product.

Example video of the prototype vest in action.
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